Tulsa State Fair - Goat-Tastic

Presented By FORD

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The Tulsa State Fair rides are thrilling and fun for the whole family.    


Kiddie Rides

Spectacular Rides


*Wristbands are not recommended for children under 36" as there are a limited amount of rides they can safely ride. Parents with children under 48" should check the height requirements before purchasing to make an informed decision whether wristbands are the best value for their children. Height requirements for the rides can be found onsite or by clicking the Ride Coupon & Height Requirements link above.  Ride & Coupon Quantities are subject to change; updated 7/13/15.

Extreme Rides

Sling Shot
  • Price:  $50.00 Per 2 People
  • Minimum Weight:  150lb for two riders combined weight
  • Maximum Weight:  N/A; as long as riders are properly harnessed
  • Minimum Height: 48"
  • Price:  $35.00 Per Person / $50.00 Per 2 People
Sky Ride
  • Price:  $3.00 One Way / $6.00 Round Trip

*Extreme Rides do not accept ride coupons or wristbands; prices per ride vary