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Night of Champions and Premium Sale

“The goal of our youth livestock shows is to not only pick a champion animal, but at the same time, create champions out of our youth.”

The Tulsa State Fair Night of Champions and Premium Sale is a night to celebrate and reward agricultural youth across the state of Oklahoma. Thousands of 4-H & FFA Oklahoma youth will travel to Tulsa to compete in the State Championship of Livestock Shows, the Tulsa State Fair in hopes of winning the prestigious title of Grand Champion. The most superior animals will be showcased at the Night of Champions and Premium Sale, which rewards these victorious individuals for their hard work and accomplishments. Not only does the Tulsa State Fair Livestock Shows provide our youth the opportunity to advance their knowledge and careers, but at the same time teach virtues such as hard work, dedication, responsibility, loyalty, pride, and teamwork which prepare them for any future endeavor. The Tulsa State Fair is committed to providing today’s youth an opportunity to seek a future in agriculture and promote continued education.

The Night of Champions Premium Sale is non terminal with the exception of the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions.

If you are interested in supporting the Night of Champions and Premium Sale please contact:

Brandi Herndon, Chief Agribusiness Officer
(918) 744-1113, ext. 2104 or bherndon@exposquare.com
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