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Junior Livestock Auction FAQ

Where does the money go?

  • 100% of the Junior Livestock Auction proceeds go to Oklahoma Youth.
  • 9% of each winning bid is given to the Tulsa State Fair Junior Livestock Auction Scholarship Fund which supports 50 scholarships each year.

What is the benefit of my donation?

  • Support of Oklahoma youth
  • Scholarships that provide support for higher education
  • Name inclusion in print materials and website
  • Invitation to the next year’s Junior Livestock Auction including tickets to the Tulsa State Fair and parking
  • The Tulsa State Fair Junior Livestock Auction Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributors will receive a tax letter noting the deductible portion of their contribution.

What options do the buyers have with their purchase?

  • The winning bidder pays the entire amount as accepted by the auctioneer. A buyer has three options with their purchase:
    1. Resell : when a buyer selects to resell their animal, the establish resell value of the animal is deducted from the bid amount.
      *Resell Value is the fair market value of the animal the day of the auction.
      Example: Bid Price = $3,500; Resell Value = $1,000; Buyer Pays = $2,500.
    2. Donate: after the buyer purchases the animal, he/she can choose to donate the meat of the animal to the charity of choice. The buyer pays the full bid price.
    3. Custom Process: the buyer has the option to have the meat of the animal processed for personnel use. The buyer pays the full bid price.
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