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Dairy Cattle

Open & Junior Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle Check In: The Dairy Cattle superintendents will be checking registration papers and the cattle in the respective stall area. All dairy cattle must be checked in by the superintendent by 12 noon on September 29th. Please review the special rules for each division to see when your animals must arrive and check in end times. Animals will not be allowed to check in after the check in time specified in the division rules.

Bedding: Mulch bedding will be provided for open exhibitors. Bedding will remain in place from open to junior shows. Re-bedding will not take place for the remainder of the fair. Please be prepared to purchase or bring additional bedding if needed. You may top dress the mulch with shavings.

Milking Parlor: The Milking Parlor is for your use during the Tulsa State Fair. Please remember it is a window to public. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to keep it clean and tidy.

Release: Exhibitors must obtain a written release before retrieving trailer or leaving the property with animals. Visit the Cattle Superintendent office to obtain your trailer and animal release. All open cattle must be out of the barns on Sunday, October 2nd by 8pm.

Showmanship: Showmanship classes are posted here. Showmanship entries must have been completed by September 2nd. NO entries will be accepted at the show.


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