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Exhibitor Updates

2024 Changes & additions

Shows, rules, and schedules are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

  • Deadline: To allow new FFA Instructors hired July 1, we have pushed the nomination deadline back to July 8. All nominations must be submitted online and all DNA must be post marked with a copy of the online nomination receipt by July 8.
  • Junior Breeding Heifer Show: An American AOB division has been added to our American Junior Breeding heifer show. This division is open to any American breed that are not listed as a recognized breed in our handbook.
  • Prospect Steers: The maximum weight for prospect steers has been increased to 1,100lbs.
  • Market Steers: The minimum weight for market steers has been increased to 1,100lbs.
  • Generators: The use of generators is encouraged. Reminder, each electric outlet in the Bronco Barn is 20amp. Single blowers need 20amp. More than 20amp running at a time on each electric outlet will blow the breaker. Generators must be ran outside of the barns. No generators will be permitted to run inside the barn or down the main aisles.
  • Poultry: The Open and Junior Poultry Show will be held Friday, September 27 - Sunday, September 29.
  • Rabbit Show: The Open and Junior Rabbit Show will be held Friday, October 4 - Sunday, October 6.
  • Open & Junior Breeding Sheep: All sheep and tack must be out of the barns by 8pm on Saturday, September 28. No wether lambs are permitted on grounds until Monday, September 30.
  • Junior Market Lambs: Classification will be held at 6pm on Monday, September 30.
  • Junior Breeding Gilts: Commercial gilts will show on Saturday, September 28 and purebred gilts will show on Sunday, September 29th.
  • Hampshire Breeding Gilts: Due to the Hampshire breed falling under 20 entries for the past three years, they will automatically be shown in the Other Purebred Breeds division.
  • Showmanship: Each exhibitor must be pre-entered and are required wear the official Tulsa State Fair Livestock Exhibitor T-Shirt. T-Shirt will be included with your entry. Additional t-shirts can be purchased with your entry.
For answers to our most frequently asked questions, please click on the link below:

Livestock FAQ

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