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Awesome Eats Food Competition

The Tulsa State Fair welcomes you to participate in our 5th Annual Awesome Eats Concessionaires Food Competition. The competition was rebranded in 2019. Join us for the fun and enter a Savory Dish or a Sweet Treat, serve it on a stick, on a plate, in a boat, baked, deep fried, air fried or grilled. Use your imagination to tempt the taste buds of our judges.

Join the friendly competition against your fellow Tulsa State Fair concessionaires for your chance to win prize money and Trophy.


Savory Dish

  • 1st Place Savory Dish
  • 2nd Place Savory Dish
  • 3rd Place Savory Dish

Sweet Treat

  • 1st Place Sweet Treat
  • 2nd Place Sweet Treat
  • 3rd Place Sweet Treat

Best Overall

  • 1st Place Best Overall


Each concessionaire that is contracted to participate in the 2023 Tulsa State Fair is eligible to enter (1) one food item per category to be judged in its selected class.

Entry must be on your menu to serve to the Fair patrons.

Classes will be limited to (25) entries due to competition time constraints.

Entry forms are available online and will be logged in the order received.

When & Where

The competition will take place on Thursday, September 28, and Friday, September 29, judging will take place for Savory Dish on September 28, and Sweet Treat on September 29 . Our judges will come to you at the allotted times, beginning at 2pm, so your product can be fresh. This will allow them to see you in your environment and will allow us to take pictures and/or video.


Please provide a two-bite sample for each judge and one full serving for presentation purposes. Please present your dish in the fashion it will be served to the public.

Scores will be recorded after each sampling and tallied after the judging.

Awards & Media

Participants will be notified via email with the results of the competition. Winner will be notified via text message with a scheduled time to meet at your booth where a photograph and/or video will be taken of you and the winning dish; all winners will be featured on the website and social media.

First place winners will receive a check in the amount of $200.00, second place winners will receive a check in the amount of $100.00 and third place winners will receive a check in the amount of $50.00. All winners will receive a trophy and an oven mitt; prize money and trophies will be delivered following the contest.

Best Overall Dish winner will receive a cash prize of $300.00, a Trophy and an oven mitt.

All entries must be received by 5pm, September 22.


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