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Marketing & Promotions

Media Policies

The Tulsa State Fair cannot guarantee media coverage or inclusion in the Media Kit.

The Commercial Space Sales Department determines what is considered new at each year’s Fair. For information regarding submitting a new product, please contact Jen Haddix,, (918) 744-1113, ext. 2039.

As a Tulsa State Fair vendor, you are only speaking on behalf of your business. Representing yourself as an employee or speaking on behalf of the Tulsa State Fair is prohibited. If you are asked a question that does not relate to your product or business, please direct the interviewer to Tulsa State Fair Management,

If you intend to seek media coverage without the assistance of Tulsa State Fair Management, please inform the Event Relations Manager, (918) 744-1113, ext. 2070, prior to making any efforts. It is important to keep Tulsa State Fair Management included in plans that involve any type of media contact while at the Tulsa State Fair.

On-site advertising or promotions are prohibited in any location other than the designated space referenced in your Lease Agreement. All business functions must be conducted within your assigned space.

False or misleading advertising and/or promotions are strictly prohibited.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Andrea Allgood
Event Relations Manager
[o] (918) 744-1113, ext. 2070

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