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Golf Cart Rules & Regulations

It is a privilege to operate a golf cart at the Tulsa State Fair. Therefore, we take pride to ensure the safety of our employees, vendors, suppliers and Fair patrons.

Tulsa State Fair Personnel, Vendors, Carnival Personnel and Service Vendors will be utilizing golf carts to conduct business. Any person found abusing this privilege by purchasing additional permits for unauthorized use or not adhering to the rules and regulations of operating a golf cart or other motorized vehicle, will be subject to having your golf cart privileges revoked.

Each vendor or supplier operating a golf cart or other approved similar motorized vehicle at the Tulsa State Fair, will be responsible for reading and understanding all operating procedures for the use of such motorized vehicle and will adhere to the designated golf cart path listed on our website and included in your vendor packet; the golf cart path is subject to change. You Will be informed if changes occur.

  • Golf carts and other approved vehicles must exit the building 30 minutes prior to opening daily.
    • Monday - Thursday by 10:30
    • Friday - Sunday by 9:30am
    • Golf carts and other approved vehicles may enter buildings after closing once the public has exited and you have received clearance from the Building Manager.
    • Midway vendors must adhere to the designated golf cart path between the hours of 10am - 10pm.
  • Designated golf cart parking areas have been provided for your convenience, please see map.
  • Golf carts are not allowed to park in the buildings during operating hours.
  • Pedestrian traffic and livestock traffic have the right away, always drive slowly.
  • Do not park on sidewalks.
  • Do not use excessive speed when traveling.
  • Vendors are allowed up to (3) golf carts.
  • All the information must be completed on the application to be approved to operate a golf cart during the Tulsa State Fair.


Vendors are required to purchase a golf cart permit, it must be displayed on the front of the golf cart or other approved motorized vehicle.

  • Permits can be purchased for $100.00 until July 1, 2022, permit will increase to $150.00 after this date.
  • Permits can be purchased from the Commercial Space Sales office until Thursday, September 22, 2022. After this date all purchases will go through the Vendor/Utility Office.
  • Permit numbers are attached to the vendor.

Unless prior approval has been given by the Agribusiness Manager, Livestock Exhibitors are prohibited from purchasing a golf cart permit.

Insurance Requirements

Mandatory requirements of coverage are $500,000.00 Bodily Injury to one or more persons and with $100,000.00 Property Damage. Vendors must list Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority and Tulsa State Fair as "additional entities insured".

Each driver must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and must submit a copy of a valid driver's license with this signed form; a copy will be put on file in the Commercial Space Sales Office.

I understand that any justified of complaints regarding the operation of the above described cart(s) as substantiated by the Tulsa State Fair Management, will be a justification for cancellation of my privilege of cart use during the Tulsa State Fair and will result in the impoundment of my cart. Cart permit fees are non-refundable. I agree and understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to the designated golf cart path and to follow the rules of safe golf cart use included in my Vendor Packet.

Golf Cart Permit Application

I agree by my signature below that I have read the Golf Cart Rules and Regulations and agree to save the Tulsa State Fair, Expo Square and Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority free and harmless from any and all costs, expenses, claim or liability for damage to any person or persons, for injuries to person, or personal injuries resulting in the death of any person, or loss or damage to property occasioned by or in connection with the use of the above described golf cart or other approved motorized vehicle during the event known as the Tulsa State Fair.

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