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2022 Nomination dates & deadlines

June 1, 2022: Nomination Kits Go On Sale Online
*All nomination kits must be ordered and paid for online. When ordering, there will be an option to ship or pick up in Tulsa.
June 23, 2022: Nomination Kit Shipment Deadline
*All nomination kits ordered after June 24 will be required to be picked up in Tulsa.
July 1, 2022: Nomination Deadline for Market Steers, Barrows, Lambs, Goats, and Breeding Commercial Ewes, Gilts, Does, Commercial Heifer
* All DNA must be post marked with a copy of the online nomination receipt.

ear tag replacement

If an animal should lose or damage the original Tulsa nomination tag, please fill out the online form.
Replacement Tags Picked Up: $0
Replacement Tags Mailed: $10

Ear Tag Replacement Order Form


Step 1 - Read Show and Nomination Rules
- Read all rules located on the Exhibitor Handbook page. Exhibitors are required to read and comply with all rules.

View Nomination Kit Order Pickup Map More>

Step 2 - Order and Pay for Nomination Kits Online
- All nomination kits must be ordered and paid for online. No cash or checks will be accepted.
- Nomination Kits Picked Up: $10
- Pick up will be located at the Tulsa State Fair Agribusiness Office in the Oklahoma Ford Dealers Barn. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.
- Nomination Kits Mailed: $15
- Only official tags and envelopes from the Tulsa State Fair will be accepted.
- When submitting a kit order it is not necessary to enter an individual order for each exhibitor. Whomever is ordering the kit needs to order all kits needed under the name of the individual who will either pick up the kits in Tulsa or kits will be shipped to.


Step 3 - Collect DNA Sample
- You will need one envelope per animal.
- DNA envelope must arrive sealed in the official Tulsa State Fair DNA envelope with all required information and signatures.
- Only official Tulsa State Fair DNA Envelopes will be accepted.
- The Tulsa tag on the DNA envelope must exactly match the animal(s) entered online.
- Names and signatures of each sibling must appear on the DNA envelope when it is submitted.
- Follow the DNA Hair Sample Requirement Instructions exactly for collecting the DNA hair sample.
- DO NOT contaminate the sample with hairs from other animals.
- Place the DNA, (hair), sample inside of the envelope and seal the envelope.
- Only enclose the DNA sample in the envelope.

Step 4 - Submit Nomination Information Online for Each Exhibitor

- Nomination kit must be purchased and Tulsa tag received before proceeding with online nomination.
- Enter exhibitor, animal information, and Tulsa tag online and print receipt.
- Steers ONLY must also upload pictures online for classification. (See “Steer Nomination Photo Upload Instructions”.)
- If family nominating, only one DNA sample per animal is required; however, each exhibitor must have an online receipt.
- Attach online receipt to the outside of the envelope with a paper clip. Please do not staple.

Step 5 - Mail DNA and Online Receipt

- Mail DNA and online nomination receipt to: TSF Livestock Office, 4145 E 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114.
- DNA samples and online nomination receipt must be postmarked by July 1, 2021.

Colton Kersey, Agribusiness Event Coordinator
(918) 744-1113, ext. 2012

Michelle Helm, Event and Marketing Coordinator
(918) 744-1113 ext. 2051
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