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Junior Livestock Nominations


June 1, 2020: Online Nomination Database Opens
July 1, 2020: Nomination Deadline for Market Steers, Barrows, Lambs, Goats, and Breeding Commercial Ewes, Gilts, Does, Commercial Heifers
* Animal nomination and payment must be submitted online and DNA sample mailed with a copy of the online receipt.
*Nomination does NOT constitute as an entry. Each animal must also be entered in the Tulsa State Fair by the entry deadline, August 31, 2020, to be eligible to show.



  • Read Nomination Rules: Please carefully read and adhere to the Nomination Rules and DNA Sample Collection Rules.
  • No Nomination Kits: There will be no official Tulsa State Fair Nomination Kits to order prior to the nomination deadline.
  • Online Submission and Payment: Exhibitors must enter the exhibitor and animal information online and pay for each animal nomination online by 11:59 pm July 1, 2020.
  • Animal DNA Submission Requirements: Animal DNA must be submitted in an envelope provided by the exhibitor with the official Tulsa State Fair DNA Envelope template attached to the envelope. Envelope template MUST be fully filled out and all signatures are required. DNA samples along with a copy of the receipt must be mailed to the Tulsa State Fair Livestock Office by July 1, 2020. Only envelopes with the official Tulsa State Fair DNA Envelope template will be accepted.
  • Ear Tags: There will be no ear tags issued at the time of nomination. Permanent Animal ID will be required when submitting animal information online and on the DNA Envelope Template. The animal’s permanent identification on the DNA envelope must exactly match the identification on the animal(s) entered online. Animal’s permanent identification is subject to inspection at the show.
  • Permanent ID’S Required by Specie: Cattle - Tattoo Number; Sheep/Goats - Scrapie Tag Number; Swine - Ear Notch
  • Assignment of Ear Tags at the Show: Ear tags will be assigned after the entry deadline and be issued to the exhibitor at check in at the show. It will be the exhibitors responsibility to have the correct ear tag in the animal’s ear prior to entering the show ring.


Sheep and goat scrapie Tag Replacement

If an animal should lose or damage the original scrapie tag, please e-mail Scrapie Tag Replacement Form. All scrapie tags must be replaced prior to arrival to the Tulsa State Fair. Any breeding ewe, breeding doe, market lamb, or meat goat without a scrapie tag will be disqualified.
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