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Junior Livestock Nominations


June 1, 2021: Nomination Kits Go On Sale Online
*All nomination kits must be ordered and paid for online. When ordering, there will be an option to ship or pick up in Tulsa.
June 24, 2021: Nomination Kit Shipment Deadline
*All nomination kits ordered after June 24 will be required to be picked up in Tulsa.
July 1, 2021: Nomination Deadline for Market Steers, Barrows, Lambs, Goats, and Breeding Commercial Ewes, Gilts, Does, Commercial Heifer
* All DNA must be post marked with a copy of the online nomination receipt.


Step 1 - Read Show and Nomination Rules
- Read all show rules located on the Exhibitor Handbook page. Exhibitors are required to read, understand, and comply with all rules.

Step 2 - Order and Pay for Nomination Kits Online
- All nomination kits must be ordered and paid for online.
- Nomination Kits Picked Up: $10
- Pick up will be located at the Tulsa State Fair Agribusiness Office in the Oklahoma Ford Dealers Barn. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.
- Nomination Kits Mailed: $15
- Only official tags and envelopes from the Tulsa State Fair will be accepted.

Step 3 - Collect DNA Sample

- You will need one envelope per animal.
- DNA envelope must arrive sealed in the official Tulsa State Fair DNA envelope with all required information and signatures.
- Only official Tulsa State Fair DNA Envelopes will be accepted.
- The Tulsa tag on the DNA envelope must exactly match the animal(s) entered online.
- Names and signatures of each sibling must appear on the DNA envelope when it is submitted.
- Follow the DNA Hair Sample Requirement Instructions exactly for collecting the DNA hair sample.
- DO NOT contaminate the sample with hairs from other animals.
- Place the DNA, (hair), sample inside of the envelope and seal the envelope.
- Only enclose the DNA sample in the envelope.

Step 4 - Submit Nomination Information Online

- Nomination kit must be purchased and Tulsa tag received before proceeding with online nomination.
- Enter exhibitor, animal information, and Tulsa tag online and print receipt.
- Steers ONLY must also upload pictures online for classification. (See “Steer Nomination Photo Upload Instructions”.)
- If family nominating, only one DNA sample per animal is required; however, each exhibitor must have an online receipt.
- Attach online receipt to the outside of the envelope with a paper clip. Please do not staple.

Step 5 - Mail DNA and Online Receipt

- Mail DNA and online nomination receipt to: TSF Livestock Office, 4145 E 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114.
- DNA samples and online nomination receipt must be postmarked by July 1, 2021.

Taylor Dorsey, Competitive Exhibits Coordinator
(918) 744-1113, ext. 2012
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