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Exhibitor Updates

2022 Changes & additions

Shows, rules, and schedules are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

  • Open Chianina and Chi-Angus Show: The Chinaina breed has been added to the Open Cattle Show schedule.
  • Hereford Breed: The Hereford breed has fell below 20 head consistently for three years in both the barrow and gilt shows. As a result, the Hereford breed has been eliminated from both shows.
  • Light Cross / Dark Cross: The Commercial Gilts and Crossbred Barrows have been divided into Dark Crossbred and Light Crossbreed Divisions. Dark Crossbred is defined as all other colors, (black, red, and sandy), excluding solid white or blue. Light Crossbred is defined as any barrows or gilts with white and/or blue only. Classification will be conducted by a three-member classifying committee. The decision of the classifying committee is final and not subject to protest.
  • Gilt Show Other Purebred Breeds Division: All breeds listed will have a breed show. If a breed has less than 20 gilts that check in at the show OR other registered gilts whose breed is not listed will compete in the OPB Division. The Champion and Reserve Champion OPB will be eligible to compete in the Supreme Purebred Drive. Must have 20 or more check in and show to be eligible to participate in the sale order line up.
  • Junior Breeding Gilt Show Awards: The Tulsa State Fair Ringmasters is sponsoring a total of $10,000 in awards to the top 5 purebred gilts and top 5 commercial gilts.
  • Junior Breeding Ewe Showmanship: A Junior Breeding Ewe Showmanship competition has been added to the Junior Breeding Ewe Show on Friday, September 30 at 6pm in the Ranger Arena.
  • Pens: No curtains or enclosures permitted on the front, sides, or top of stalls.
  • Generators: The use of generators is encouraged. Reminder, each electric outlet in the Bronco Barn is 20amp. Single blowers need 20amp. More than 20amp running at a time on each electric outlet will blow the breaker. Generators must be ran outside of the barns. No generators will be permitted to run inside the barn or down the main aisles.
  • Pens: No curtains or enclosures permitted on the front, sides, or top of stalls.
  • 4-H & FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Contest: The 4-H & FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Contest will be held on Saturday, October 1 at 10am in the Expedition Arena.
  • Showmanship: The entry deadline for Showmanship Contests is September 2, 2022; late entry deadline is September 9, 2022. All entries must be submitted and paid for online. No entries accepted after September 9.
  • Goat Fitting Contest: Sullivan Supply is hosting a Goat Fitting Contest on Thursday, October 6 at 6pm.
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