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Exhibitor Updates


Important Deadlines
  • Entry Deadline: September 1, 2018
  • Contest and Late Entry Deadline: September 10, 2018
Livestock Office
The Livestock Office is located at the East end of the Oklahoma Ford Dealers Barn. Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, and beginning September 26 - October 7, 2018, 7am - 7pm.

Exhibitor Checklist & Map
Please download the Exhibitor Checklist and map prior to your arrival. This helpful checklist provides a step by step process to follow from arrival to release.
Livestock Complex Map
Please download the Livestock Complex Map prior to your arrival. This map highlights the important locations in the Livestock Complex during the Tulsa State Fair.

Parking Permit
Livestock Exhibitor Paid Parking will grant you access into Lot 6, located east of the Gate 6 entrance, and Lot 7, located east of the Gate 7 entrance. Livestock Exhibitors can purchase a season parking pass for $25.00 at the time of entry.

VIP Livestock Parking will grant you access to the Horse Shoe Lot, located north of the Oklahoma Ford Dealers Barn. VIP Livestock Parking will go on sale August 1, 2018, online only.

All vehicles hauling livestock must enter at Gate 7 on 15th Street. Health papers will be check before unloading. After your health papers have been checked, please stop by the Livestock Exhibitor Credential Station, located inside Gate 7, to pick up your Exhibitor Gate Passes. Gate 7 is open 6am – 10pm. No animals will be permitted to enter the grounds while Gate 7 is closed.

Gate 7 Physical Address: 4400 East 15th Street, Tulsa, OK 74112

Exhibitors must obtain a written release authorized by Division Show Superintendent or Show Management before leaving the property with animals or trailer. Visit the Livestock Office or Division Superintendent for your trailer and animal release.
4-H & FFA Horse Show
  • Pattern Book - Coming Soon
Drug Residue Avoidance

Stall Charts
  • Coming Soon
For answers to our most frequently asked questions, please click on the link below:

Livestock & Horse FAQ
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