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Exhibitor Updates


Shows, rules, and schedules are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Livestock Office Hours
During the Tulsa State Fair, the Livestock Office is located in the Ford Truck Exhibit Hall. Office Hours are 7 am - 7 pm.

Animal Health Regulations
All animals must have a health paper issued within 30 days prior to arrival.

All vehicles hauling livestock must enter at Gate 7 on 21st Street. Health papers will be checked before unloading. After your health papers have been checked, please stop by the Livestock Exhibitor Credential Station, located inside Gate 7, to pick up your Exhibitor Packet. Gate 7 is open 6am - 10pm. No animals will be permitted to enter the grounds while Gate 7 is closed.

Gate 7 Physical Address: 4000 East 15th Street, Tulsa, OK 74114

Livestock Credential Station
The Livestock Credential Station Hours: will be open 7am - 7pm starting Wednesday, September
Wednesday, September 29: 8am - 7pm
Thursday, September 30 - Saturday, October 9: 7am - 7pm

Exhibitor Season Gate Pass
Each exhibitor will receive one, complimentary Livestock Exhibitor Season Gate Pass. Livestock Exhibitor Season Gate Passes are good for everyday. Additional Livestock Exhibitor Season Gate Passes will be available to purchase upon arrival at the Livestock Exhibitor Credential Station at Gate 7.

Livestock Exhibitor Season Parking Pass
Livestock Exhibitor Season Parking will grant you access into Lot 7 and Lot 8 inside Gate 7 entrance. Additional Livestock Exhibitor Season Gate Passes will be available to purchase upon arrival at Livestock Exhibitor Credential Station at Gate 7.

VIP Parking
  • VIP Parking Lot 1. The VIP Parking Lot 1 will be located north of the Oklahoma Ford Dealers Barn. The VIP Lot 1 will be most convenient for Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, and Horse Show exhibitors.
  • VIP Parking Lot 2. The VIP Parking Lot 2 will be located north of the Super Duty Barn. It will be most convenient for Goat, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, and Rabbit Show exhibitors.
  • VIP Parking Lot 1 and 2 Passes. VIP Parking passes will be sold by the day on a first come first serve basis for $25 per day.
Livestock Exhibitor Trailer Parking
No livestock trailers will be allowed to park on grounds. The off-site, secured trailer parking lot is located at Sheridan and Virgin. Trailer parking passes are $10 per trailer and must be purchased at the time of entry or before arrival at trailer lot. Exhibitors must have a release to retrieve livestock trailers from the trailer parking area and/or bring a trailer on grounds to load out. No animals are permitted to be housed in livestock trailers at the off-site, secured trailer lot.

General Show Reminders
  • No Food in Barns. No food will be permitted in the barns. Concession stands and food venders will be available.
  • No Pets. Only animals officially entered to show at the Tulsa State Fair will be permitted on grounds.
  • Online Check in Process. Animal check in will be conducted online via smart phone or other device.
  • Back Numbers: Each entry will be assigned a number. There will be no ring card provided or collected.
  • Breeding Animal Registration Papers Required at Entry. Breeding animal exhibitors will be required to submit a copy of their registration papers online with their entries to check prior to the show.
  • Holding Rings. Only the exhibitor and one assistant will be permitted in the holding rings.
Market Animal Shows
  • Non-Terminal. All market animal shows are non-terminal with the exception of the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions.
  • Night of Champions. The Night of Champions will celebrate and reward the top 150 exhibitors who exhibited the top 40 market steers, 40 market barrows, 40 market lambs, 25 meat goats and 5 broiler pens.
Beef and Dairy Cattle Exhibitors
  • Barn Bedding. No bedding will be provided. Exhibitors must bring their own or can purchase online through the on site feed store.
  • Tie Out Bedding. Mulch bedding will be provided. No straw permitted.
Swine Show Exhibitors
  • Pens. Barrows and gilts will be penned in horse stalls with dividers. Pen size is 5' x 10'.

Swine Health

Livestock Trailer Parking

Open & Junior HORSE SHOW

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